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Overview of Services

Teacher/Parent/Student Workshops

We offer instructional and motivational workshops for teachers, parents, and students on topics such as how to prepare a science fair project, coaching a robotics team, running a science fair, etc. Workshops are offered locally or at your organization. If you are interested in a Science Resources workshop, send your request to Science Resources at .

Scientific Equipment Lending (Resource Center)

We lend scientific equipment and lab supplies to homeschooling families and educational groups for a nominal fee through our Resource Center. We provide items gain access to scientific equipment and supplies that are typically difficult or expensive to obtain such as student microscopes, lab glassware, and thermometers. Much of our equipment and supplies have been donated -- for a list of items that we need most, see our donations page. If you are interested in borrowing from or donating to our Resource Center, contact Lisa Swieson at .

Mentor/Internship Network

One of the main goals of Science Resources is to facilitate the interaction between students and local science & engineering businesses, institutions, and professionals. We do this through our programs, as well as by helping students find local mentors and internship opportunities in their field of interest and by linking local organizations with student groups. Please contact us if you or your organization is willing to mentor, offer internships, or provide employment/co-op/volunteer opportunities to students in the areas of science and engineering. We also maintain online links to local science programs and organizations at . Contact us at about our Network.

Program Consultation

Science Resources has first-hand exerience organizing and running successful science education programs. We provide consulting services to other program administrators on how to design and implement effective, K-12 science and engineering programs. We can offer our consulting services on either a fixed-fee or time-and-materials basis. Contact us at if you need assistance in planning and organizing your science program.

Teaching Services

Science Resources can assist organizations in bringing fun science and engineering activities into typically non-science environments, such as library programs, after-school programs, vacation Bible schools, homes for the disabled, etc. Contact us at if you need assistance adding science and engineering to your organization's programs.

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