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Donate Time, Expertise, or Equipment


The success of SCIENCE Resources depends on the involvement of the local science and engineering community -- businesses, educational institutions, and individuals. Our programs are enhanced and expanded through donations of time and expertise.

A science teacher judges a student at our science fair.We need scientists, engineers, and educators to participate in our programs as judges, instructors, student advisors, mentors, and coaches. We need contacts at businesses, institutions, and local schools to be mentors to students, advisors to SCIENCE Resources, and liaisons with local science and engineering opportunities.

In addition, you may have professional, business, administrative, or family skills that could benefit SCIENCE Resources. Some examples of these include writing articles, designing graphics, photographing or videotaping events, soliciting donor vendors, managing a small group of volunteers, coordinating a fundraiser, or even organizing an event.

If you are interested in donating your time and expertise to SCIENCE Resources, contact us at

Your Other Resources

Tangible non-cash contributions are equally essential to the success of SCIENCE Resources. Here are a few examples of what you or your company may have (or may be discarding) that could benefit SCIENCE Resources:

  • Laboratory supplies and furniture
  • Scientific equipment to enhance our science classes
  • Student prizes and awards for our science fair
  • Food for our science fair judges
  • Facilities in which to host our robotics programs
  • Access to laboratories and other facilities for field trips
  • Scientific and engineering textbooks, references, magazines, kits
  • Business supplies and services

If you would like to donate these or other resources, please contact us at .

We also accept monetary contributions. Find out how to donate money, or participate in our frequent fundraisers.

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