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Hands-on Science Education for All

From the cellphones in our pockets to the pacemakers in our bodies, we grow ever more dependent on the fruits of science, math, and engineering.

Yet math and science education languishes in the United States. Study after study shows American students falling behind, and a shortage of qualified scientists and engineers is on the horizon.

At SCIENCE Resources, we are actively taking steps to meet the challenges of improving American science education. Our experience tells us that early hands-on education can instill a lifelong love of science and of learning. And we know, first-hand, that engaging experiences with scientists and engineers help to produce a population of students that excels in science and engineering.

What We Do

SCIENCE Resources is a nonprofit organization that promotes quality science and engineering education by providing affordable services to students, parents, and teachers, supplementing and enhancing existing curricula and programs.

We offer science fairs and labs that give younger children the experience — and delight — of making things happen first-hand. Our science classes and labs give older students experience with rigorous experiments that prepare them to succeed in further studies.

Our robotics and math teams use competition to make math, physics, engineering, and programming exciting — giving students an incentive to go beyond homework and preconceived notions of what they can do.

All of our programs seek to link eager students with scientists, engineers, and educators who are passionate about science. Read on to see how your children can benefit and how you can help. Together we may restore our nation's competitiveness in science and engineering, or discover the next Einstein!

High school students observing their test tubes in a Science Academy chemistry lab RoboWhizards student (middle school robotics) aiming his LEGO robot Student participant testing his abilities at Villanova University's Theatrical Summer Science program Kindergartner explaining his science experiment to a judge at the Greater Philadephia Homeschool Science Fair Two students working out a project in physical science lab Student working out a math problem on the whiteboard for her class

Latest News

Greater Philadelphia Homeschool Science Fair

The 15th annual Greater Philadelphia Homeschool Science Fair will be held Saturday, February 8, 2014, at Villanova University. All K-12 homeschoolers in the tri-state area (and beyond) are invited to attend. For more information, click on "Science Fair" or visit

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